Friday, September 25, 2009

By the way, I rule at my own game

yeah yeah. I know that I could have easily cheated on these scores but you'll just have to trust me, these were obtained legitimately. This is just the first set, and they get a lot harder, so I'll try and fill out the other score cards to my liking and post them here as well. I'm sure they will be many who can beat me, so say as much in the comments if you like.
Okay, the rest are posted. If you look close there are two B+(s) that I couldn't seem to improve on. Those two are probably your best bet on beating me :)

that's -3

here are the rest

Thursday, September 24, 2009


At 2:40 am on September 22nd, our first app was submitted. Here is the first teaser trailer.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

icon woes

I have struggled to come up with an icon for the game that I really like. Here are a few that I have explored, I have a favorite of these but wanted to see what you think. Please vote on the poll on the side bar. I would really appreciate it.

At first I thought that the icon should describe the gameplay, and I still think that's true to a certain extent, however, I now think the icon should be first and foremost eyecatching and interesting. It is probably the sole basis that someone browsing through a sea of 70,ooo+ apps will decide to investigate the game at all. Keep that in mind when you vote, I am looking for the best icon that catches the attention and makes you want to click to find out more. Also it needs to translate to a very small size.

James icon

desk 1

desk 2


Red's disappearing act

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Level themes

Levels consist of a series of nine doodles found in each of your classmates sketchbooks. My math skills aren't great (which is why I am not the programmer) but I'm pretty sure that 45 hand drawn levels will provide many hours of varied gameplay. The great thing about golf, is that it is always fun to go back and try to improve your score, so hopefully we have provided a game with a lot of replayability.

In addition, there is a secret "gold star" hidden in every level, and we are planning on providing more levels through updates. If the game does well, we plan on providing a level editor for users to join in the fun. Any doodle can be a golf course in this game, and we would love to see a huge community of challenging and imaginative courses.

green cliffs



around the world

human anatomy