Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fairy tale actors coming soon (update: now available)

Here's a preview of our new actor pack.

We are also exploring ways to share your videos and use your custom images as well. Thanks for the great ideas and support!

We are featured as a staff favorite app and made it up to #21 on the ipad app charts!


  1. Looks great!!! I, too, would love to see more actor packs geared at children (fantasy-type packs, more princesses, wizards, children actors/characters, more animals, etc.). I really can't wait to see more!

    Congratulations on being a staff favorite. Here's to hoping Puppet Pals keeps climbing the charts!

  2. I appreciate the hard work you have all done on the puppet pals app for ipad. As an education professional I see a lot of potential for this in the classroom... however, if you were able to export these videos after creation and have the ability to project out it would make teaching much better.

  3. Puppet Pals team,
    Fantastic app!! I second the kid-friendly actor packs, but I also see a potential professional use:

    I'm a designer and frequently have to communicate "user scenarios" to my clients. I can see an interesting opportunity to create these puppet shows to describe how people use the products we're designing. See the following sites for ideas:

    Many thanks!
    -- Dan

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  5. I am Japanese.
    great!!! great!!! great!!!
    I hope, I need some functions...VGA out, and words balloon ! (^_^)

    Your product is a standard presentation tool of the future!
    Thank you!

  6. Hey there, how long before YouTube sharing and the like?